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Mission Statement

With frequent use of the terms "fake news", "misinformation", "post-truth" and "alternate facts", it is vital Freedom Publishers Union outlines our commitment to quality publishing standards and principles.

Freedom Publishers Union content is based on the best facts we can source at the time of publication. However, these are our opinions and represent our interpretation of the facts to provide a context. As such, the conclusions may not match mainstream stories.

Freedom Publishers Union contributors and editorial board are humans, and as such, are subject to making mistakes of commission and omission. We request our audience to both be tolerant of our errors, and to communicate any errors to us, so we may respond and correct as necessary.

Freedom Publishers Union will never be intimidated by erratic and offensive public commentary. From 2016, the traditional media landscape has been shaken. We will never be intimidated by unfair media reforms designed to ban, block or censor the activities of the global free press.

Freedom Publishers Union remains committed to publishing exactly what our moto says - "Publishing what is right and what is important". We will always place priority on our ethical responsibility to publish what is in the public interest.

If Freedom Publishers Union observes the free press to be under any threat, then we will respond accordingly.

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