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September 21, 2022 | [OPINION] Jack Quinlan/a858 Email Account is Owned by Field McConnell

The identity of Jack Quinlan, the name associated with the a858 persona and who is believed to be closely involved with Q, if not posting as Q, has long been a mystery.

As early as 2021 I become aware that "Jack" was blocking me through his numerous Twitter profiles.

This isn't something that particularly bothered me because I never had any intention to interact with Jack through Twitter anyway, but I did take note of it.

But when I first become aware of him blocking me it immediately raised red flags because I could not understand why someone that I had never interacted with would block me.

I did however interact with Janon, on numerous occasions, through which I quickly learned anything said to Janon would immediately be forwarded to Jack.

The state of affairs between Jack and I, and even Janon, have progressively deteriorated since.

Jack quickly showed his hand and went on the offensive towards me, which I have long believed is because he has viewed me as a threat.

He views me as a threat because I can be ruthless in publishing information which could be damaging to his operations.

This was actually proven after the last publication this website published, which pointed out the likelihood of Jack and Janon being directly involved in Q.

After it was published, Janon threw his habitual tantrum and Jack made direct threats towards me, personally.

When it comes to information wars, I am no holds barred.

When he increased his aggression, often trying to hide it from me and failing to notice I have eyes in a lot of places, I told him I would eventually find out who he is.

I have repeated time and time again, to Jack, I will find out who he is.

He thought I was joking or didn't have enough knowledge of all the operations he is involved in, to be able to find out who he is.

Again, I say this directly to Jack, I told you I will find out who you are.

So who is Jack, the coward who lies and makes threats against others while hiding behind the a858 persona, and has been known to use a fake NSA email address as a distraction?

Recent digging has uncovered an email account trail which cannot be disputed for what it shows.

The a858 email account is owned by Field McConnell, of Abel Danger.

The recovery email account attached to the a[email protected] account displays as p****[email protected].

It wasn't too difficult to notice the parallels with one Twitter account controlled by Jack, which uses the handle @p472107, which coincidentally also has me blocked.

Unmasked, the recovery email account is revealed as [email protected], matching the Twitter handle.

To verify, I looked at the recovery email account for the Outlook email account, which displays as mc*****

Unmasked, this email account is revealed as [email protected].

Field McConnell also uses the Yahoo account [email protected].

The Protonmail account can be verified because the Yahoo account is actually the recovery account for it.

This is indisputable proof, beyond any doubt, that the owner of the a858 email account, and subsequent accounts, is Field McConnell.

We now know accounts owned by Field McConnell include AOL, Outlook, Protonmail and Yahoo.

All of these accounts are linked and connected through acting as recovery accounts, all owned by Field McConnell.

Many users have proposed that multiple people have access to the a858 email account.

This is possible and very likely, as the account was active when Field McConnell was imprisoned for stalking.

I don't for a second dispute the fact that multiple people are accessing the a858 account and using it for comms with certain users.

But what cannot be disputed, is that Field McConnell is the owner of the a858 account, therefore holds responsibility for its use.

My warning to Jack still stands - I will find out who you are, Jack, and will publish it for the world to see.

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Written by Chris McGimpsey-Jones.

Updates since publication:

September 22, 2022

Since this story was published, Jack has tried to dismiss it.

However, Jack was scrambling to make changes to the accounts I presented.

The Protonmail account that was being used as the recovery account for the Outlook account appears to have now been deleted.

The recovery account for the Outlook account has been changed, masked as qu*****

It appears the case is that it's actually just another variation of the p472107 account, with the text "quinlan" before it.

Unmasked, it reads [email protected].

Jack has now also added the Yahoo account as another recovery account for the a858 account.

Jack also had deactivated the @p472107 Twitter account, but has since restored the account, most likely with new credentials attached.

Notably, Janon also now blocks me.

Prior to the publication of this story, Janon did not have my account blocked.

As I pointed out on Twitter, by his actions, Jack just validated my research.

The changes made appear to be an attempt to clean up ties to Field McConnell.

September 23, 2022 #1

Since I revealed yesterday the account changes Jack was scrambling to make, it seems that Jack is again making more changes to hide the trail.

I was so easily able to unmask the new account he changed to, obviously this bothered Jack and forced his hand to make more changes.

He has removed the [email protected] account as a recovery account for the a858 account and replaced it with a new account, masked as c*****[email protected].

Unfortunately for Jack, I am very good at what I do and was able to unmask the latest account in about 10 minutes.

Unmasked, it reads [email protected].

I have no doubts Jack will continue to play this game for as long as he needs, so this probably will not be the last update I make to this story.

Enjoy the show! 🍿

September 23, 2022 #2

Jack is creating fake accounts of other people, attempting to draw innocent individuals into the games.

As shown here, the latest account added by Jack is unmasked as [email protected].

For those that do not know who the "mchapman" username is attempting to impersonate, it's Matthew Chapman aka. Babyfist.

I have spoken directly with Babyfist and can confirm this is not an account that is owned or controlled by him.

Babyfist does not have any involvement in the games played by Jack/a858.

The latest act of impersonating someone else - just like when Jack Quinlan pretended to be an NSA official - and trying to assume their identity through creating an email account using Babyfist's real name, is an attempt to falsely draw Babyfist into a potential legal mess - a mess Jack is trying to create.

The [email protected] account has been verified because it is the recovery account connected to another one of Jack's accounts I have been aware of but until now have not yet mentioned, [email protected].

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